The Weave Zone

Malaysian Body Wave Lace Frontal Easy-Install Wig + DIY Wig Kit


Density: 200%

Lifetime: Will Last 2-3 Years With Proper Care

Includes Everything You Need To Install:

Wig Cap

Melt Band + Glue


Yoni’s Bakery Sweet Strawberry Sensation Yoni Oil


Yoni’s Bakery’s Sweet Strawberry Sensation sweetens sensuality with it’s delicate aroma and plant-based healing powers. Known for regulating PH, alleviating vaginal dryness, combating bacteria, soothing razor burns and ingrown hairs, increasing pleasure and aiding in lubrication, our customers are raving over Yoni’s Bakery Sweet Strawberry Sensation.

Directions: After cleansing your intimate areas, apply 2-3 droplets onto your clean fingertips and massage lovingly onto your vulva and/or clitoris.